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Star Wars, Customer Service, & Me!

Being Thankful – What is the Value of Having the Right Answer to Solve a Service Problem?

ClickSoftware Seeks a Course to Software Magic: A ClickConnect 2016 Review

My First Sales & Marketing Conference: No Fluff, Focus on Results

The Killer App for IoT is Service: GE Digital Acquires ServiceMax

Recap Friday: Workforce Empowerment

Owning the Service Experience While Outsourcing Some of the Work

Machines in Service Series Part I: The IoT Won’t Do Everything

Metrics in Field Service: A Moving Target

Fresh Eyes and a New Challenge: My First Smarter Services Symposium

2016 Smarter Services Symposium Observations: Service is Humanity

Three Days of Service Learning. Three Initial Takeaways.

A Deeper Dive into Service Worker Safety

It's a Small, Small World....

Field Service Performance: Consumer Ratings

The Missed Opportunity in Field Service Relationship Management

Field Service Performance Ratings: What Resonates with U.S. Consumers?

An Open Office for Field Service Professionals

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility (to Driver Safety)

Field Technician Profession Summarized: 90% Customer Service, 10% Fixing Appliances

Field Technician Notes Part 4: Thoughts on Technology

Field Technician Notes Part 3: Likes and Dislikes

Field Technician Notes Part 2: Improving a Day in the Life

Notes from the Front Lines of Field Service: An Introduction

What Drives Service-centric Behavior?

Please Welcome the Newest Addition to The Service Council Advisory Board: Chris Westlake

Diebold: Our Interest in Live Video for Service

Supporting the Billions of Powerball

Service Leaders Look to Plan Beyond Powerball

Field Service Needs 'The Force'

Customer Success Confuses Me

Calm Technology and Field Service

Six Takeaways from ClickConnect 2015

The Evolving Escalator of Value: My Visit to Aftermarket Europe

3D Printers in Service Vans: Lets Pump the Brakes

3D Printers in Service Vans: Lets Pump the Brakes

Field Service with the Customer in Mind

Field Service with the Customer in Mind

Member Question: Vehicle Reimbursement in Field Service

The Technology-Driven Service Business

Evaluating Microsoft’s Field Service Move and Musings on the Market

More on Augmented Reality for Field Service

Getting Our Content and Communications Right

Sales, Meet Service: Unlocking Revenue Streams via Field Service

Video and Assisted Field Service

Early Takeaways from PTC Live Global 2015: Integrating the Voice of Products

Is Customer Success Good for Humanity?

Knowledge Management and Participation: My Question to Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia

Notes from Maximize 2015: Elevate, Connect, and Succeed

The Internet of Things Establishes a New Normal in Service

Field Service Still Undervalued as a Discipline

2015 Smarter Services™ Symposium Recap: Observations by Andy Huber of Xerox Corporation

2015 Smarter Services™ Symposium Recap: Observations (Part 2) by Cary Chapman, Advisory Board Member

2015 Smarter Services™ Symposium Recap: Observations (Part 1) by Cary Chapman, Advisory Board Member

March Madness at The Service Council

Getting to Customer Value with The Internet of Things

Getting More with Self-Service

Deflategate and Always Blaming the Service Guy

Surprising Takeaways from Our Recent Field Service Research

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