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Member Question: Vehicle Reimbursement in Field Service

Posted by Sumair Dutta on Sep 1, 2015 2:16:59 PM



Sean Jordan is a Service Director for BioTek Instruments. He has been a long standing supporter of The Service Council and is also on our Research Advisory Board. His question today is on vehicle reimbursement for field serivce engineers. He recently appeared on a Smarter Services Webcast hosted by The Service Council on Mid-Year Service Business Trends.


What type of model do service organizations use to compensate field service engineers for vehicles?

I would like to benchmark my auto policy. We simply provide a monthly auto payment for everyone as well as pay for all fuel. Are corporate car programs still worth it? Or is there a trend moving to strictly mileage compensation? I have low mileage and high mileage drivers. Has anyone created some type of successful hybrid? Any data would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. 


Simply enter your name and email and add your response in the comment section below. This question is pertinent for those in field service, fleet management, operations, and accounting.


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